Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Course in Miracles

I discovered A Course in Miracles in 1986, and everything changed.  I had rejected my fundamentalist upbringing, including the Bible, but not my faith in God.  I had recently read Chop Wood, Carry Water, which included a suggested reading list.  A Course in Miracles was on that list. 

For the last 26 years I have had a tumultuous relationship with ACIM.  Some of it I still do not understand; not sure I agree with all of it, or perhaps I’m not yet able to grasp all of its radical implications.

I have participated in numerous ACIM study groups and when I needed support I saw a therapist steeped in ACIM theology.  Though I’ve not been able to fully grasp ACIM, ACIM has grasped me.

Here are a few life changing ACIM truths, in my words:

God only loves

God does not punish, not ever.

Jesus is my elder brother, showing me what is possible.

Forgiveness is the key to salvation.

Salvation has nothing to do with the afterlife, but with this moment, right now.

Every human is an extension of God, endowed with a trustworthy Inner Teacher.

I cannot ultimately screw anything up; there is nothing forgiveness can’t heal.

I am as God created me.

A Course in Miracles is not for everybody; it clearly states there are many paths to God.  It does not disparage any religious tradition nor claim to be The One True Way.  I am, however, profoundly grateful that it found me.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Left Behind

Unless you change your ways
You will be left behind.
Unless you deny your reality
You will be left behind.
Until you see truth as I see truth
You will be left behind.

All of us have heard those warnings,
All children hear this message,
No one has escaped the threat of
Being left behind, thus
All of us know its pain.

Ethnic minorities have been left behind
Indigenous people have been left behind
Women have been left behind
Children have been left behind
Poor people have been left behind
Gay people have been left behind
Losers have been left behind
Religious minorities have been left behind
Atheists have been left behind

The question of who’s in and who’s out, however,
Has no theological basis,
Communities and tribes can debate whom to exclude,
Humans seem compelled to leave some behind.
God, on the other hand, cannot and does not,
God being God.

When I allow God access to my heart, and
I see one whose turn it is to feel left behind
I can reach out.
When I allow God access to my heart, and
I see a group of people who feel left behind
I can step out and stand beside them.

Oh God, please, open my heart.