Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'm still here...

I haven't posted in a while because I've been stumped.  In no particular order, these factors have contributed to my befuddlement:

1.  Moving from the city to the country.
2.  Experiencing a shift in my definition of Love.
3.  Attending a mainstream Christian church, once again.
4.  Attending a gathering of Lamar County Democrats.
5.  Following the John Edwards trial.
6.  Watching Bill Moyers and Company.
7.  Being graciously welcomed to this new life by stranger after stranger.
8.  Following the "debate" over same-sex marriage.
9.  Seeing the "issue" of contraception re-surface.
10. Pondering the difference between spiritual power and political power, questioning if one can pursue both.

Today, however, a friend emailed and gently chastised me for not posting my thoughts on my blog.  Still not knowing what to write, or think, I did the tried and true...closed my eyes at the computer and let the words come to me.  Here you go...

Once I believed Life could be improved upon.
Once I believed that I knew right from wrong.
That morality was achievable,
And that I knew it when I saw it.

Today, Life is too nuanced for me to grasp.
Stunned at the degree to which right and wrong overlap,
I secretly cringe as I acknowledge to myself
How naively I have confused
Morality with self-righteousness.

Is it possible to lovingly strategize?
Devise a winning game plan?
Map out the path to victory?
Is it helpful, ever, to triumph over one’s “enemies?”

Where is the junction of spiritual and political power?
Can the two ever exist in the same space?
According to whom?

It can only be in that hallowed moment
When I love and respect you,
You who make me most uncomfortable,
Without demeaning myself.

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