Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bullet Points 6-5-2012

    1.               I am uncomfortable with public prayer, as in folks bowing their heads, holding hands and praying out loud In restaurants.  I am grateful for every morsel I put in my mouth, but public piety makes me inwardly cringe.

      ·               More to the point, my views on prayer itself have changed.  I am uncomfortable with groups of people holding hands and praying, or not holding hands and praying, or being led in prayer by one person.  I love shared moments of silence. 

      ·               Conversation can be prayer. I love and am inspired by conversation, one on one or in small groups, about what is important in Life--God, Love, forgiveness, authenticity, integrity, Truth, truth, justice, fairness, compassion, responsibility, relationships--you get the idea.

      ·               I would rather not know a politician’s religion. 

      ·               Having lived in cities most of my life, I am still amazed at how comfortable and “at home” I feel in Paris, Texas.  Had I been living a lie?  It reminds me of the stories I heard from my father about growing up in Runge, Texas, and visiting my grandmother there.  It’s nostalgic.

      ·               I love to counsel, you know, to mind other people’s business and give advice.  Only by request, of course, or at least, usually.  Even more fun and energizing is counseling small groups of people who long for deeper authenticity and congruity in their daily life.

      ·               I don’t understand why liberal Catholics remain Catholic.  I am disturbed by the Vatican’s “crackdown” on American nuns, but more disturbed that the nuns feel a continued loyalty to the Vatican.  I am really uncomfortable with patriarchy.

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