Friday, July 20, 2012

My bible

My childhood and early adulthood were drenched in the Bible, so much so that I have spent most of the years following unlearning skewed Bible teaching so that I could live more freely and more lovingly.  Honesty and integrity became and remain far more important to me than righteousness.  Moment by moment salvation from fear and distrust became and remain far more important to me than where I go after I die.  Loving others and myself is far more important to me than morality.

I have reached a point in my life where I can honestly say I don’t care what the Bible says.  I really don’t.  

Here are my bullet points:

·               God is Love; Love is God
·               The raw materials for Love come packaged in every human
·               No one is left out or exempt from Love, no one.
·               I don’t have to get it right; I just have to say, “yes.”
·               If I don’t say “yes” in this lifetime it is my loss and my right
·               Atheism is fine and can be healthy; shutting one’s heart to Love, however, is quite painful.


  1. My take on your latest blog is that you were looking through the eyes of peace and prayerfully taking the ultimate responsibility for your thoughts and actions and not placing the responsibility of such justified acts and thoughts on some authoritarian source

  2. Ah John, you have the inside track...


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