Thursday, April 18, 2013


In the name of tribe, nation, country, religion
In the name of God.
Thus saith, thus saith, thus saith
Thus saith the Lord
Thus saith Allah
Thus saith Jesus

Stop it!
Stop quoting scripture to me
Stop it

I cannot hear it
Your scripture, his scripture, their scripture, our scripture
Take your finger off the page,
And look up, look within.

Don’t come at me with a book, an oracle,
Quotations and more quotations.
Come at me with your authentic self,
Come at me knowing who you are.
Shout at me if you must, but
Don’t read to me someone else’s revelation.

Stand in your own knowing
Proclaim your not knowing
Trust your source.

If I am wrong it is not because I disobeyed
But because I lost sight of my own internal Voice
Given me by my Creator.
If I am wrong it is not because I misinterpreted
Someone else’s inspired truth
But because I misinterpreted my own.

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