Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Pool

Yesterday was one of those painful days of misunderstanding and miscommunication.  Perhaps you can relate...

Heartbroken and fatigued
Guilty and ashamed
You crawl to us.
We are gladdened that you found us so many years ago, meaning
We are gladdened that you found Yourself.
Deep within you sought and found a comfort zone like no other,
A healing pool made for you, made to share,
A pool you may claim but not own,
A pool not of your creation always open to you,
A pool where you completely immerse yourself
Knowing you can breathe under water.
Rest here with us and float, weightless.
We float you.

Sweet child, things are not as they seem, and
In this instant you need do nothing.
Love abounds, and you are not its source.
Be grateful.
Love can reach into nooks and crannies you can’t even see, so
Do not be fooled by someone else’s seeming resistance; let him be.
Entrust him to us, and float.

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