Monday, February 17, 2014


When a long cherished belief proves through our own personal experience to be false we have two options:

1.  Cling desperately to the belief despite all evidence to the contrary, or

2.  Let go of the belief with immense gratitude that we have been proven wrong once again.

Option 1 is not only heartbreaking and deadly for the one clinging, but incredibly frustrating for the people who love the clinger.

Option 2 can be initially quite painful, but oh so freeing and life expanding in the end.  Each time we opt for Option 2, we pave the way for a larger and larger world with much more reliable vision.

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  1. This brief 16 word bird's eye view of change and choices is very powerful. Robyn, once again....thanks for your ability to condense down to the essence. Sydney


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