Thursday, December 16, 2010

What I don't know...

Getting to the heart of it, the truth of it,
Circling overhead, making pass after pass,
Checking radar before landing.
There is something that is Known
That I’ve yet to discover, something that
Eludes me time and again,
The search for which brings me back to this circling pattern
Honing in, staying the course, not turning back,
Determined to remain true to myself in search of my Self.
My value is in doubt,
My capacity for growth, healing and transformation
Becomes more and more elusive.
Relationships that should nurture and sustain
Wobble and tilt, accuse and cause pain, no one to blame.
I surrender to surrendering,
I understand the process and concur wholemindedly,
Yet my heart stands back waiting for I know not what.
Might 2010 close in upon me, still waiting?


  1. I have always admired your commitment to the quest. I don't believe surrender is in your vocabulary of life, and that's ok, too...
    Beautiful post!

  2. And so, as though in a holding pattern, we wait, perhaps becoming more aware that this time suspended in mid-air might be today's lesson. Bouts of spiritual vertigo may serve to teach more effectively than a clear-sighted approach to safe landing. Seat belt fastened, little else to do at the moment, we wonder at the view.


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