Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Gently sliding, succumbing, releasing,
Stepping away from managing,
Backing away from accomplishing,
Drifting, free falling.
Allowing the year to wind down
Without my guidance, my effort.
Trusting the world knows how
To rotate without me,
Trusting that life goes on even
As I lay down the baton and
Walk off stage.
Controlling, managing, controlling, managing,
Exhausting myself with ill conceived
Attempts at prevention, forestalling,
Keeping the hounds at bay.
I surrender.
I relinquish the wheel and
Slide gratefully into the back seat
To watch the world glide by.
If summoned, I will respond,
Meanwhile, I will sit and reflect,
Knit and breathe,
Wait, and trust
She who loves and trusts me.


  1. That's right...give it a rest...I think you might like it!

  2. Wow, is this me? I need to read this everyday so I can learn to gracefully walk off stage and knit and breath!!


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