Monday, March 21, 2011


Thoughts fall within my consciousness
Like raindrops from an unknown source,
The majority of which go unnoticed.
There exists somewhere, hidden from sight,
A chooser, who day and night,
Pronounces ignore this, ignore that,
Latch on to this, chew on that,
Disbelieve this, swoon over that,
Grind your teeth as you mull this,
Smile to yourself but don’t let this sink in.

Thoughts, thoughts and more thoughts
Most not compelling enough to consider.
Some provoking the most intense emotions
Grabbing at the heart, or clawing in the gut.

Who sends these thoughts my way?
How does the chooser remain just outside my vision?
The thought shower never ceases,  and
The chooser is always on high alert.
Grab this one, dismiss that one,
Resist this one but fail,
Hold on to this one as you watch it slip away,
Follow this one into despair,
The same one that tickled your fancy yesterday.

Thoughts, never-ending thoughts,
Peppering my mind at random
Placing me at their mercy
Until I lean back and merely watch.

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  1. Robyn:

    I love this poem! It is very descriptive of the mind that wanders and it is only the observer (like you said) that can step out of it or the decider (not George Bush!) that can move to a new set of thoughts that bring joy and subsequently experience.

    Keep writing poems as there is always a gem in each one or itself is a "pearl of great worth" in entirety.

    Love Mary


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