Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Upcoming opportunities

The six week small group experience that has been meeting on Monday evenings will soon come to an end.  What a privilege it is for me to accompany fellow pilgrims seeking a more contemplative and yet practical approach to life in 2011!

Each week we begin our time together with a guided meditation that leads to a time of silent meditation.  Following the silence, participants share their experience of the meditation, or of their week, or of the challenges and victories in their daily life.  Judgment is left outside the door as the group listens with the heart to stories that so much resemble their own.  Each week is new and fresh, open to any and all possibilities.

After a brief pause, I will be offering a new group experience for those interested in returning or beginning this unique experience.  Though we will use a book as a guide to our communal thoughts between groups sessions, the group is not a book discussion group.  It is more akin to group spiritual therapy, with everyone participating.  I serve as the facilitator and sometime provocateur.

I would love to offer this group experience for those of you who prefer to meet during the day as well if there is sufficient interest.  Let me know!

Also, there has been a request for a day-long meditative retreat on a Saturday!  I love this idea and will begin planning, and in the interest of choosing a space, would appreciate some feedback on who might be interested in this experience.

I love this work and am open to suggestions or requests.  As always, I am available for private appointments either in person or by phone.

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