Sunday, April 17, 2011

Never mind, no matter...

Sometimes I feel disappointed and discouraged.  Sometimes I feel tired and weary, and almost but not quite, hopeless.

Recently during such a time, I “heard” the following:

Feel our hands kneading your neck and shoulders,
Feel our presence in the quiet.
Too often you allow yourself to slip into “feeling alone.”
Never mind, no matter,
The truth always resurfaces,
You always return and allow us to soothe and heal.
We would point out that these painful periods are needless,
But you know that.
Never mind, no matter.
Now is now and you know what you know,
You’ve been where you’ve been,
Your resistance to our tender mercy grows weaker,
Your skepticism is less convincing.
Never mind, no matter.
Truth is true, Love is love,
Pain dissolves, optimism returns, and
Equilibrium is restored 
Just as dependably as the sun rising and setting.


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