Friday, April 22, 2011

Retreat, retreat, retreat

I'm excited.  We all know I'm a big proponent of "stepping out" of your life in order to breathe, gain perspective, slow down, think, stop thinking, unclench, and (as most women will understand) let your belly go soft.

I have been invited to facilitate a women's contemplative retreat at the end of May.   It is such a privilege to join folks who have made the conscious decision to drive away from their daily life for a weekend dedicated to touching Reality.  We will spend time getting quiet.  We sill spend time telling the truth as best we know it.  We will listen and trust.  Oh, and we will eat delicious food.

I do not have to wait until the retreat is ending to thank the women who "stepped out."  I can already thank them because I know what lies ahead.

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