Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Post-retreat musings

The May retreat with the women from Galveston has come and gone.  What a lucky lady I am! I had almost forgotten how rich an experience it is to "step out" of our daily life with others who share the conscious intent of exploring where truth might take us.

Just as when I sit down to compose a SpiritSpeak poem I NEVER have a clue what will be revealed, the same is true of each and every retreat.  I walk in clueless.  Slowly, or sometimes rapidly, the individuals attending the retreat coalesce into an intentional group, with a shared purpose.  Truth begins to reveal herself.

I see my role as providing the context.  I imagine myself saying, "here is the container we will work within.  What do you want to put in it?"  Most often, none of us fully appreciate how deep the container is; how much it will hold.

So, the women from Galveston came and changed my life.  I will never be the same.  Every contemplative retreat I've ever facilitated has smoothed a few more of my rough edges, opened my heart a tad wider, and offered me yet another lesson in Love.  How cool is that?

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