Monday, May 30, 2011

She Who Knows

This past weekend I was privileged to spend the weekend with a group of highly motivated women to explore what constitutes Truth.

Throughout the weekend we kept returning to the theme of Wisdom…what is it, and where do you find it?  Is it acquired or inherent?  We began to speak of She Who Knows and She Who Won’t.

My current understanding is that every human is endowed from birth with an aspect of the Self who Knows, who is loving, trusting, strong, confident, compassionate and forgiving.  It is this Self who is the truth of who we are.

Marching right alongside of She Who Knows, however, is She Who Won’t.  Our childhood is spent fleshing her out and dressing her in a unique personality.  She appears to take on a mind of her own, and off she goes.  She begins to make lots and lots of decisions, sorting out good from bad, right from wrong, defining what constitutes winning and losing, success and failure, morality and immorality. 

By the time we reach adulthood (whenever that may be) most, if not all, of us have forgotten She Who Knows.  The crux of the spiritual journey is rediscovering the path back to Her, learning how to recognize Her, learning to trust Her and profoundly appreciate Her.  She Who Won’t is usually not on board with this intention to remember, and resists mightily. 

The interplay between these two states of consciousness is the whole ballgame of life, once you become aware.  She Who Knows maintains a light and playful approach, delighting in each new revelation we allow to dawn upon us.  She Who Won’t thinks this whole setup is just that—a setup—and struggles against it with great determination.

Cracks me up.


  1. I ran into She Who Knows the other day and had a good visit with her but she left before I could tell her to come back soon! She's so elusive whereas She Who Won't sticks to you like glue...wouldn't you just know?!

  2. really, really, really good!!!
    a short and sweet opportunity to own our magnanimous knowing while non-judgmentally honoring our mind’s choice to identify ourselves as the mouse who roars at the universe.........”who won’t”
    you offer a forgiving “lightness” to our resistance to giving up our “roaring” identity.


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