Sunday, May 15, 2011

Inner Guidance Experiment!

Every Tuesday evening in June, I’d love for anyone interested in practicing accessing inner guidance to join me from 7:00 to 8:30.

My belief and my experience is that all of us possess a trustworthy Inner Voice within our mind that is far wiser than we imagine.  People have known this for centuries calling it various names:  the Muse, Holy Spirit, Intuition, Higher Power, Christ Mind, whatever.

How do we access this Inner Teacher on our own behalf, and on behalf of others?  How do we discern the difference between this Voice and the legion of other voices in our heads?  How do we learn to trust Its guidance?  Much has been written, but I’d love the opportunity to practice and experiment with touching and resting in this precious Open Space in a supportive group setting.

I have experimented with my own Inner Knower for more than 20 years, usually in private.  This experimental, experiential group will be a laboratory experience for me as well, thus there will be no charge; however, group size will be limited

If you would like to spend 4 Tuesday evenings “going within,” and sharing your experience, please send me an email at to register. 

Looking forward to meeting you inside.

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