Sunday, May 22, 2011


1.  Just a heads up that the Inner Guidance Experiment group beginning the first Tuesday evening in June is almost full.  Let me know if you want to join us!  The info about the group is posted in an earlier blog entry.

2.  I have added the option to subscribe to my blog by email, which means, if it works as it is supposed to, that you can choose to receive an email notice each time there is a new post on the RobynWrites blog.  The link to do so is in the right hand column of this page.  It says, duh, "Subscribe by Email."

3.  I will be retreating -- stepping out--over the Memorial Day weekend with a group of women from Galveston.  I'm so excited to meet new folks and am so curious to discover where these women will take themselves over the weekend.  It is an illusion that I am the "leader."

4.  I leave you with a quote from Dr. Jill Carroll that really touched me:

"Given that the rapture didn't happen as predicted, I hope that those who really did believe it would happen today are not too despairing or distraught.  It's hard to face the fault-lines of one's belief system.  Most people don't have the courage for it."

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