Sunday, August 14, 2011


I am not who I set out to be
Nor who I thought I was.
Life is a surprise to me
More difficult than I had suspected.

Love can't be grasped, nor sustained,
Love is, but also elusive.

My life is living me,
I did not plan to be here,
I don't know where these people came from.
I am neither fortunate nor unfortunate.

I am more wanderer than sojourner,
More vagabond than pilgrim.
I claim nothing; I own nothing,
I go where beckoned.

My intelligence is useful, but rarely helpful.
I have assumed way too much responsibility for my life.
I wish I had known.

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  1. Really like this one, Robyn...perhaps it is an internal identification with what it says when "normalcy" implodes. Your having a produce stand reminds me of the slower pace of the small town in which I was raised. Nothing seemed to be happening, but somehow "it" was all there. Perhaps the it was my relationship with my environment in my mind. Thanks for sharing. See you around in the fall?
    Love to you and John


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