Thursday, September 29, 2011


Have you ever felt something unlatch itself within your psyche?  An internal disconnect, unanticipated.  A notion, a belief, an attitude, once of paramount importance, just lets go of you. 

You are not who you thought you were.  Or, you are no longer who you believed yourself to be.  A value, an approach to life, a sacred responsibility, dissolves without your even being aware.  And nothing is quite the same.

Your assumptions about the “next right thing” no longer pertain; they seem irrelevant.  The future now looks nothing like your prior assumptions.  It is bewildering.

Dare you trust this “letting go?”  Or, do you scramble to retrieve the once cherished worldview, so that your feet once again touch the ground beneath you?

Might more revelations surface to your awareness?  Or, has the path ahead suddenly disappeared leaving you directionless?  Lost.

Might the path to authenticity be not so much a trail but a series of unpredictable realizations?  Do you know?  I suspect...

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