Friday, November 11, 2011

Bullet Points 11-11-11

The Bible says, “seek and ye shall find.”  A Course in Miracles tells us the ego’s motto is “seek, but do not find.”  My experience is that I have found, lost what I found, found some more, misplaced that, sought some more, etc.  I have also sought and sought and found zilch.  Likewise, I have been found, and I have been abandoned.  I’m nothing if not inconsistent.

I am really ambivalent about Veteran’s Day.  Certainly am grateful to all who serve in the armed forces, but I’m also chagrined that they were ever asked to do more than stand at the ready.

Some people baffle me.  Some people have baffled me for years and years.  It appears likely I will never understand.

I have yet to find a cure for my self-righteousness; AlAnon is a pretty good treatment.

One thing I love to do is sing.  One thing I rarely do anymore is sing.  Go figure.

My 90-year-old mother fell a couple of days ago – didn’t break a single bone.  She did, however, sprain her back and is in a lot of pain.  Today she told me, “I’m suffering, but I’m ok.”  That’s the spirit!

Football.  The politics of football.  The business of football.  The priority of football.  The stakes of football.   I don’t get it.

11-11-11 – making a Mountain out of a molehill.  Is it obvious I am not a numerologist?

Here is what is true for me today:  Harmony is more and more important to me; it is a powerful drug.

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