Friday, December 16, 2011

Moving on...

In 1994 John and I drove away from the Longhorn Ranch Motel on a remote highway 60 miles south of Alpine, TX for the last time, vowing that as we left that beautiful, desolate place we would never live in a city again.  As sometimes happens, vows get broken.  We have lived in Austin for the past 16 years.

We re-adapted to city living very quickly, letting the peace, stillness and quiet of Terlingua fade into our memory.  Life in Austin has been good; we have no complaints.

A little more than a year ago I resigned from a highly responsible, stressful, exciting and challenging job in real estate.  I was whipped.  Since then I have recuperated, and am unwilling to resume that fast pace.  I have wondered for some time where I now belong.

The past September, John and I drove to Wisconsin, staying off interstate highways whenever possible. Something dawned on me.  I don’t like interstate highways or the cities they slice through.  I am repelled by the homogenization of American cities—they all look the same until you make your way into the “historic downtown district.” 

On the drive back to Austin, I heard myself propose to John that perhaps our life in Austin is complete; perhaps we could live in a more rural, quieter, slower -paced location.  I was shocked to hear myself say these things out loud, but not nearly so shocked as John!

Long story short, next month we will move to Paris, TX , to a home on four acres with a large pasture across the road and a 5 acre pond in our back yard.  We have succumbed to urban fatigue.

Let it be known that I could not do this without modern technology—I do not want to lose contact with my family and friends.  Thankfully, we have cellphones and high-speed Internet access…and Facebook.

I plan to continue blogging, and hope you will add your comments and voice to the discussion.  Before long we will be in the throes of adjusting to country living.  I’m counting on my friends to remind me periodically that I really, really wanted to do this.


  1. I'm going through withdrawal....

  2. Wow! Robyn, That is wonderful - I am happy for you. I feel your fatigue too and I lend my wings to your flight toward peace.


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