Sunday, January 22, 2012

Observations from Paris

My eyes and nose are partially above water.  We arrived in Paris this past Tuesday, expecting our belongings to be delivered on Wed. morning.  Didn't happen.  I do not recommend sleeping on an air mattress on a cold ceramic floor.  I'm just saying...  Van arrived Thurs. morning, and the fun began.

I have been here less than a week, and here's what I can tell you for sure.  Robyn came with me.  Yes, she did for a fact.

Is it too soon to write sentimental ballads about walking on country lanes?  Probably should wait a while.

When you turn off the highway on to the road that leads to our house, there is a rifle range on the right for target practice, and an archery range on the left.  When you come see us you will know you made the right turn when you see the sign that says, "Archers for Christ."

This morning we decided to honor the "day of rest" idea, and put on nice-ish clothes and drive to the local Christian Church.  We were looking forward to a restful, if not inspiring, worship service.  We walked in the front door and saw people walking around in matching T-shirts, rock music playing, voices over an intercom announcing raffle winners.  Wouldn't you know we'd show up for the "mission fair" celebrating the church's 10th anniversary.  We stood out like a sore thumb, which brought several friendly people to welcome us and assure us this was not the usual Sunday fare.  We soon left and went grocery shopping at Kroger's.

We have found our "home" cafe, Nancy's Cafe.  It is sooo my kind of place.  Blue plate specials every day--choice of meat, choice of three veggies, iced tea and dessert for $6.79.  Heaven.

No, I have not discovered the peace of country living as yet, but I can smell it.

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  1. Archers for Christ? You gotta love it. And you ventured to the Christian Church anyway?? You've got spunk. I like spunk. Stick with Nancy's Cafe. Can't wait to visit!


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