Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ramblings from Paris

For years I have thought and written about Stepping Out and its two definitions:

1.  The conscious decision to temporarily remove oneself from the drama of daily living in order to access more completely the Truth about ourselves.
2.  The conscious decision to go forth boldly.

Our move to Paris was intended to satisfy both definitions.  Where the journey will lead is still the great unknown.

Most folks our age downsize.  We, on the other hand, opted for more space --  a larger home, more land, fewer neighbors--space, space, space.  It is perhaps irrational, but I find myself glorying in all the space.  We have empty cabinets -- I can't tell you how exciting that is to me.

I have begun the process of discovering a sense of community.  I am not a good loner.  Yesterday I attended an AlAnon meeting--the only one in Paris, and was pleasantly surprised.

This Sunday we will continue our church search.  Having not attended church for many years, it is interesting to observe my reactions and responses to church "cultures."  There are more than 100 churches in Paris.  If there are any non-Christian religious groups in Paris, I've yet to be made aware of them.

I am reminded of the days when I believed God had preferences and emotions, that God blessed and punished.  With that mindset, I believed that it was possible to please or displease God, gain God's approval or disapproval, be a cause for God's rejoicing or commiseration, that my actions and attitudes would have an effect on how God feels and reacts.

With the growing knowledge that GOD IS, that all God does is "God," and that God continues "Godding," no matter what I, or you, do is a blessed relief.   God loves.

Rambling thoughts today...

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  1. Aha - I knew you weren't a loner when you opted to play bridge in our dorm room instead of study by yourself in the "pit" downstairs. Look for a church with card players...I love what you're doing!!


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