Saturday, November 16, 2013

Larry and John

Tonight we were privileged to witness a commitment ceremony between two friends.    We were all blessed by this amazing evening.

They asked that I share a few thoughts.

Larry and John                                          November 16, 2013

Enveloping, enriching, engaging, enlivening,
The two of you and the rest of us.
We are watching you,
Not to spot slights or missteps but rather to be
Present so that we might share and benefit from
Your journey of discovery and increasing freedom.

You have chosen to begin your shared life
In and amongst us.
How fortunate are we!
We surround you; we lay hands on you,
We embrace you.
The two of you, Larry and John, introduce us
To a wider world, a deeper vision of all that
Love and commitment can mean.
You demonstrate, on our behalf,
What community and family can mean.

And, our gathering around you demonstrates our
Love and commitment to you,
Individually and as a committed couple.
You do not stand alone.


  1. Robyn, what a beautiful expression of love and support - how lucky Larry and John are to have you in their lives!

  2. Rich! and Beautifuly written! I know of nothing more special than the presents of friends and family to lay hands on you with faith, love and support . This leaves me with such a warm feeling...Simply Beautiful!!


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