Thursday, August 28, 2014


Disengaging from this or that, right or wrong, smart or stupid,
Informed or ignorant, progressive or backward.
Losing interest.
I hear the stakes are high and yet remain unmoved,

Voting Democratic in today’s world is, for me, a no-brainer,
Yet the will to persuade another is lacking.
Passivity? Apathy? Laziness?
I see people passionately persuading,
Passionately defending
Passionately accusing
I cringe, and envy their passion.

What is more troubling to me is
Why do I not have one black friend?
Why won’t I offer our rental property in Section 8?
Why do I check out the drivel on Facebook multiple times a day?

I find myself more concerned with
Extending or withholding, engaging or ignoring, expressing or containing,
Seeking or hiding.

That’s what I feel like saying.

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