Friday, September 5, 2014

Born to Perform

I was born to perform
An audience completes me, yet
All these years I felt ashamed of that need.

In order to know myself,
In order to recognize you,
I must express and observe your response.
Without your feedback I live in a vacuum,
A cave where I lose myself and lose sight of you.

I marveled at people who could unabashedly admit
They felt most authentic “on stage.”  
I could not say that out loud.
I set it aside, put performing behind me,
Fifty years ago.

I moved to a small town
Where no one knows me and found
A small community theater.
What the hell?

Each night I show up for rehearsal where
I am becoming a clown.
One of the young children in the cast
Approached me and asked, “are you a clown?”
“Yes,” I replied, and she asked
“With gray hair?”

The oldest member of the cast by at least 30 years
I am showing up, 
Remembering how to be a clown,
Bowing to the cliche “it is never too late,”
I memorize my few lines,

Finding myself, and hopefully, rediscovering you.


  1. By opening to yourself, you have demonstrated a way that I might open to myself, which, by opening to myself, I have taken the first necessary step in opening to -rediscovering- you. Momentum comes to Mind!

  2. Dear Robyn,
    You have always had an audience - but I'm happy for you to have an opportunity to hear the applause!! Have fun...


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