Sunday, August 22, 2010


Years ago I published a monthly newsletter titled Stepping Out!  The header contained the two definitions of "stepping out," which are now shown in the header description of this blog.  I realize that these two "actions" describe the ebb and flow of my life,  or perhaps Life.

Four years ago I stepped out of semi retirement and plunged into a full time job in real estate.  Two weeks ago I stepped out of that job to retreat.  Both were conscious decisions.

Once again, surprisingly, I desire to write in order to rediscover or discover anew who Robyn is.  Here is what I know about me and writing.  I am terrible at writing in a journal.  Why?  Because no one but me will read it, and I bore myself.  Chalk it up to hubris or extroversion, but I write much more clearly when I have an audience.

Thus, this blog. Wow, this is so much easier than putting together a paper newsletter, folding, stamping and mailing!  And it is certainly a work in progress -- I've never attempted a blog so I've much to learn about the technicalities.  I welcome hints and suggestions.

Feels in some way like coming full circle and yet so, so different.  I've missed you.


  1. Watch me smiling! I am so glad you have launched this. The corporate we have missed your writing.

    Today as part of a Sunday school exercise we were asked to give the word for the day that described how or where we were. Mine was "re-entry" - so very parallel to your "stepping out". Like you, stepping out to remove yourself while you contemplate stepping out boldly into your next chapter, I am in the process of re-entry on a couple of levels. After a diagnosis of breast cancer nearly two years ago, I stepped out to heal. Re-entry has been gradual; a time away this summer in a cabin in the woods to relax, then a forced re-entry last week. Re-entry somehow connotes coming back to the same place. I prefer your stepping out, to go forth boldly. Thank you for your blogspot; it inspires me to re-direct my focus from a passive re-entry to a bold step forward!

  2. So glad I gave you all your newsletters....perhaps ithey stimulated a creative cycle forr you. This is a perfect forum for you, Robyn, to write your way to the next phase and to publish your insights and creative comments

    Enjoyed our being together and conversation yesterday. Another one should be in the offing soon.

    Welcome to the blogosphere.

    Love Mary J

  3. Welcome back Robyn! Steppin' out is great and implies courage and openness to change. I am also yet again on a precipice of change - I am looking for a new living space, shared space with a seeker or 2 who want to live in community. Any ideas? Janet in the "world" and Sadani in the field of "yoga". :)

  4. Hi Robyn,

    So glad to have you back! I always looked forward to receiving my copy of Stepping Out and will love hearing from you from the blogosphere.

    You have great insight, openness and courage. Look forward to joining you.


  5. OK Robyn,
    This is once again, EXACTLY where you are supposed to be. I Know it. You Know it. I am not surprised. I am elated....and inspired....Maybe this will inspire me to put together a blog too. I've been meaning to forever...but can't quite take the action....

    You have always been an inspiration to me and have been a witness to huge change in my life...and have played a major role in encouraging that change.

    What can I do for you?


  6. Really glad to see you stepping out ... and ... welcome back.

  7. I finally made it here and read your blog to date. Glad that you are stepping out, I like what I've read and you share authenticly, it's quite refreshing really! I admire your courage in taking this step and I shall enjoy reading more. Thanks, Ginger

    BTW, I know someone (Alison) who has a beautiful large home and is looking to take on a roomate(s). If your friend Sadani is interested I would be happy to connect the two of them.

  8. Thanks Ginger for stopping by. I appreciate your words of encouragement.


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