Friday, October 14, 2011

Bullet Points

·      I’m in the middle of Brene Brown’s The Gift of Imperfection.  Dr. Brown is the popular Houston professor, researcher and speaker who studies and writes about shame, vulnerability and authenticity.  The whole time I’m reading I’m thinking I wish I had written this.

·      Was confessing some of my imperfections to my mother this week: she agreed with me.  Yikes.

·      Have been hiding out in my house feeling sorry for myself because I have no “work.”  I have no work?

·      Becoming more and more aware of how badly I want to flee from city life and embrace country living.  Really?

·      Studied a web page for more than an hour dealing with female hair loss and looking at all the expensive products that promise miracles. Then I ask myself if I really, really want to spend time obsessing over thinning hair rather than enjoying the fall weather.

·      Shared with a group of friends last night my disappointment with my spiritual maturity and my life with no work.  They helped me see how I’d forgotten that Love is.

·      Experiencing more and more sleepless nights.  Something has really got me stirred up.

·      I recently spoke at my uncle’s memorial service; it reminded me who I am.

·      Heard a song on the radio that had a line that said something like “some people are meant to be memories to remind us how much we have changed.”  Whoa.

·      What’s true for me today is I welcome the opportunity to explore more deeply living with uncertainty.

II welcome your comments, pro and con.  Speak to me.

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