Friday, October 7, 2011

Class Warfare

A few have more,
Many have less.
The many with less resent the few with more
Not because they succeeded, but
Because once they arrived they forgot
The cab drivers, grocery clerks, mail deliverers,
Waiters, file clerks, receptionists, shop clerks, housekeepers,
Hair dressers, school teachers, nurses, lab technicians,
Baby sitters, truck drivers, customer service reps, office
Managers, auto mechanics, delivery drivers, distributors,
Plumbers, tailors, factory workers, pharmacists, sales reps, all those
On whose shoulders they perch.

The many with less are not asking for
What belongs to the few, but
For what should already be theirs,
Acknowledgement that the few can’t prevail
Without the many.
How obvious it should be
That we are all in this together.

And so we see Spring springing up
Across the world,
Tunisia, Yemen, Syria, Egypt,
Wall Street.
The many finding their Voice en masse,
Singing out, marching to a more authentic tune.

The few, if they pay attention at all, murmur
Class warfare.
The leaders of the few shout
Class warfare, offended and outraged,
These toys are mine, hard-earned,
Go find your own, like I did, and
I’ll see you at 3:00 for my hair appointment.

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