Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bullet Points 10-20-11

  • I have a very low tolerance for optimism…just saying.  Surprising since I was a very optimistic child.  Did I get beat up by life?  Hate the thought.

  • Life is hard; Love soothes and smoothes the edges.  (Did you know “smoothes” is not a real word?  Spellcheck doesn't like it.  I do.)  The trick is to remember that Love is available at any moment, in any circumstance.

  • Off to a weekend retreat with really cool women in a really lovely spot with amazing food.  Feeling more optimistic already.

  • They say Gaddafi was killed today.  Have you noticed that a lot of “bad guys” have been killed of late?  Not sure rejoicing is the appropriate response.

  • I disagree with most of the Tea Party agenda, but love that thousands of folks stood up, spoke up, and got Washington’s attention.  I’m especially happy to see even more thousands doing the same thing with Occupy Wall Street.  Clearly we don’t agree among ourselves, but we all are beginning to respond to the reality that Washington is not on our side.

  • Hopefully, this weekend I can temporarily let go of my multiple identities:  American, Texan, wife, daughter, mother, sister, senior, female, college-educated, WASP, and so, so many more.  Shaking them off!

  • What’s true for me today is:  I feel freer and freer.

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